North Carolina Horse Council

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Statement of Purpose
The North Carolina Horse Council exists to represent and further the common interest of the entire equine industry of North Carolina. The North Carolina Horse Council is composed of volunteer individuals and groups from all breeds and types of horse activities, without bias. We are amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyist, commercial producers, local riding clubs, and larger corporations. The North Carolina Horse Council strives to maintain effective government relations by interacting with state leaders and our government representatives. We work closely with the N.C. Department of Agriculture, NC Farm Bureau and N.C. State University.

Mission Statement
To serve as the voice of the North Carolina Equine Community through education, communication, and representation

Goals and Objectives
Develops and implement a comprehensive marketing and promotion program for the horse community.
Expand and strengthen legislative presence.
Promote the North Carolina Horse Council through communication with involvement of all primary stakeholders.
Enhance and increase education programs.
Improve the business and regulatory environment for the horse industry.

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